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Orange Buttercream Ruffle Cake

Maria ordered this little ruffled beauty for her daughter's astronaut themed birthday today. It really is a mini cake in size, only 5", but there is a lot of yumminess crammed into this small package!

The cake is strawberry/vanilla swirl cake filled, covered and ruffled into decadent vibrant orange buttercream.

Happy Birthday !

Pink & White Cupcake Set

This sweet little set of cupcakes with cutting cake was made for Valentina's Christening day.

Valentina's mum sent me a picture of the design that she was after (I do not know the original artist to credit). This was my interpretation of the design brief.

The top cutting cake was kept simple with a name plaque and little pink hat jewellery box on top. The set of cupcakes were a mix of embossed "V", bracelet, cross and jewellery box.

The cake and cupcakes are all vanilla and chocolate marble cake with dark chocolate ganache.

May God Bless You always Valentina!

Anthropology High tea Cake & Desserts

Natalie from Events By Nat recently styled an Anthropology themed high tea for the current winter issue of My little jedi magazine (available now).

Nat was shooting the high tea down in Bowral and obviously wanted to keep to the anthropology feel. Vintage was the name of the game and a colour palette of ivory, chocolate and shades of magenta was the design inspiration.

As the cakes and sweets design was left to me, I kept to a fairly classic, vintage feel to the desserts and concentrated on the vintage buttons that Nat used as well as some big blooms.

This was the cake as the centrepiece. Very simple and effective decoration of an oyster lustre finish and big ruffled blooms adorned the middle tier.

The centrepiece cake.

Ombre petit cakes

Cookies with vintage button detail

Oversized ruffled bloom cupcakes

Chocolate ganache tartlets

The table styled and photographed by Events by Nat.

The table styled and photographed by Events by Nat.


A Power Crunch Birthday Cake

One of my lovely clients requested this cake for her hubby's business partner's birthday. Warren is apparently addicted to PowerCrunch protein bars, so he got his own super sized and maybe slightly more carb loaded PowerCrunch bar!

I scanned the actual wrapper of the bar and then had printed on edible images. I then added in the rest of the little details and as a last minute touch, made the bar look like it had been opened and taken a chunk out of! The actual protein bar looks a lot like the chocolate mud cake on the inside, however it is definitely the poor cousin on the taste side!

With the actual PowerCrunch wrapper!

Happy Birthday Warren!

Daffodils Cake for Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

This cake was made for my son's schools Biggest Morning Tea being held tomorrow. It is being donated as a raffle prize at the breakfast tomorrow morning.

I have wanted to do a pot of flowers for a long time and this was the most opportune moment!

The pot is the cake and it is a white chocolate raspberry mud cake with white chocolate ganache. The dirt is oreo biscuits and the daffodils and leaves are all completely handmade from fondant.

Such a worthwhile cause, I hope it raises a lot of money!


Red-Eyed Green Frog Birthday Cake

One of my other favourite little men, Master Tate, turns 7 today and is having just a little small dinner with family and his bestie.    Tate requested one of my cakes (as you do) and requested a red-eyed tree frog cake!    Hmmmm .... off to Google images I go!   Discovered that they are ultra cute and as the name says, have big red boggle eyes, as well as orange tinted padded limbs and a funky yellow and blue striped tummy!

Off to moulding I go!

I decided to put him on a rock (the cake) and have him resting on a few leaves.   I had so much fun with froggy!   I only let him go, as I love Tate a little more so!

Everything is completely hand moulded and edible.    The cake is Tate's request of chocolate sponge cake with chocolate ganache.

Bad lighting in my studio {read, my laundry} today!   So I decided to take froggy out for an outdoor photo shoot ..... back to his natural environment!

Froggy had a gloss finish to him, to give him that extra frog quality!

Love his big boggle red eyes and his long limbs!   

Happy 7th Birthday Tate!!!   x

Umbrella Themed Baby Shower Cake, Cookies & Cake Pops

Leanne from Sweet Style was asked to make a beautiful dessert table for a baby shower being themed around an umbrella invitations.   The colour palette was very pretty with pinks and yellows with a touch of brown.

We decided on a simple and effective design of an umbrella with raindrops.   I also made some colour themed cake pops, as well as some umbrella cookies to go with.

Below is the table that Leanne styled for the event.   Just gorgeous.   The table was also featured on the Amy Atlas blog!   Click here to see.
All the below photographs are taken by and are courtesy of Sweet Style .

Cake pops made by me.

and umbrella cookies made by me also.

Congratulations Bonnie!

A Mickey & Minnie Mouse Ruffled Birthday Cake

This cake was made for Angel-Rose's 3rd Birthday, that was going to be celebrated at the same time as Leon's Christening.  

This was a small cake for Natalie's daughter and it was to be a little surprise for her, and she also got a big surprise when Mickey & Minnie turned up at the Christening!

Angel-Rose is a huge Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan and so I made this cake for her and decided to girlify it with some pink & lilac ruffles!   I loved how it turned out, althought Mickey has a slight "rat" look about him, will need to work on him again one day! :P

Happy 3rd Birthday Angel-Rose!

A Lovely Blooms & Jewels 60th Birthday Cake

I am soooo lucky to be able to deal with my lovely clients.

Michelle is a friend of my sister and also a loyal follower of my work and I have been priviledged enough to make the cakes for all their special occasions.

The next special occasion on the agenda was a birthday cake for her gorgeous mum's 60th birthday.

It was only a small lunch for 10 on the water last weekend at Banjo Paterson Cottage Restaurant in Gladesville. Such a beautiful venue on a gorgeous Sydney afternoon.

Michelle wanted something elegant and timeless like her mum and Mum loves yellow roses and jewels!

The cake is white chocolate raspberry mud cake with white chocolate ganache.

All decorations are completely handmade and edible.

Love this colour palette!

The draping pearls and silk ribbons.

My take on a open yellow rose

Happy 60th Birthday! x

Babushka Cake, Cupcakes & Cookies

Firstly let it be said that apart from the pleasure derived from making beautiful cakes, the best part about my job is meeting the loveliest of customers who really do make it all worthwhile!

Diana is definitely no exception!

She contacted me a little while ago to organise a cake for her daughter's 1st birthday. Diana is a fellow party organisational freak like myself, and also decided to order cupcakes and cookies to go with the theme - BABUSHKA!

Diana was putting together a dessert table for her daughter and did a FANTASTIC job. She decided at the last minute to add a baby babushka with the mummy one as her other daughter's birthday was very close to the same time and wanted her to blow out some candles too! Awwww!

The babushka dolls are all handcarved and are both chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache.

The cookies are vanilla bean cookies.

The cupcakes are vanilla.

All decorations are handmade and completely edible.

The babushka colour scheme was made to match the invitations.

Mama and baby babushka

Babushka cupcakes

Individually packaged babushka cookies.

Happy Birthday Sophia & Olivia!

Ruffled Baby Bums Christening Cake

Last weekend I had the pleasure of making this little ruffled delight for gorgeous twin girls.

It was only a small affair being celebrated at Il Locale restuarant in Haberfield, but mum Lisa knew exactly what she wanted - ruffled little tooshies!! s.o cute!

One tooshie is chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache and the other is white chocolate coconut mud cake with white chocolate ganache.

All decorations are completely handmade and edible.

Lots of lilac and pink ruffles! Have I mentioned that I ADORE ruffles?!

Congratulations and Gold Bless You Natalie & Olivia!

Vogue Cover for a Stylish 50th Birthday

One of my very lovely loyal customers organised this cake for her friends 50th birthday.

Carolyn is a very talented stylist and her besties had arranged a very nice intimate dinner in a private room at Longrain.

They wanted a cake that was Carolyn and a Vogue cover seemed perfect.

I designed the complete cover and my lovely client provided all the relevant tag lines.

The cake is chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache.

The entire cake is edible.

Even the spine was personalised.

I like to incorporate the birthday message in fun ways. I knew they were going to Longrain for dinner, so I decided to have the message come out from a fortune cookie ..... how fortunate!

Happy 50th Carolyn!

I got the loveliest message from Carolyn the day after. She loved her cake that much that I am now making her a complete cake replica out of styrofoam that she can keep! Now that is love!

Giant Baby Bottle Birthday Cake

Lea's mum is a lovely return customer of mine.

Lea's beautiful Wiggles birthday cake last year was a huge hit, so Lea decided to have a look for her cake for this year. Lea loved the baby bottle cake I had made previously for a baby shower and her mum wanted to incorporate her favourite pink blankie as well. I decided to also add a little Lea too!

The cake is a vanilla cake with white chocolate ganache.

The bad weather of that weekend provided not much natural light for my photos! :(

Happy Birthday Lea!

Breaking Dawn Birthday Cake

What cake to make for a good friend on her birthday?? .......mmm...

I had to think about this one for a while. Last year I made a cake that looked like a cheeseboard, as the delightful Mrs A is not a huge lover of cake (sacriledge!!). But it is I, so I needed to do a cake!

Then it dawned on me ... excuse the pun!

OK - I will admit and fess up to it - I am a Twihard! Freely admit to it, and am firmly placed on the side of Team Edward (seriously, why is there another team??!!)

Lisa is a Twihard also and a fellow Edward devotee. Gold class tickets to see Breaking Dawn in November have just been booked. So I thought a little cake tribute to that may be in order.

The cake is carrot and walnut cake with white chocolate ganache.

Everything is completely handmade and edible.

The cake board is actually covered in pages of my Twilight book that I copied. Thought it gave a nice touch to it.

I wanted to give the book the well read edges that all good books have!

The cake board covered in Twilight pages. The apple to signify the first book Twilight.

The blood soaked petals from New Moon.

The torn red ribbon for Eclipse.

and the chess pieces for Breaking Dawn.

Happy Birthday to the delightful Lisa!


Babushka Cake and Cupcakes

Anya celebrated her 1st birthday two weeks ago and her mum requested a Babushka cake to match her beautiful little birthday invitations.

The design on her "body" and the colour scheme matched the design on the invitations and the cupcakes were special treats for the kids also.

The babushka is handcarved and her "design" is all handpainted. She is also a moist carrot cake with white chocolate ganache.

The cupcakes are chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache.

A beautiful and striking colour scheme.

Matching little cupcakes

Happy 1st Birthday Anya!


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