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Oh Sweet Mum ... in Print!!!

Yeah - it finally arrived! 

After a pretty crap past week and a splitting headache - this post from the mailman has been my day!  Honestly - it is like a Vogue - but better! The quality is superb and the design of this publication by Pretty and Print is magnificent!

A definite pinch myself moment! So proud of everyone involved!

You can order your own copy here - click on the following link:

eeek .... that is me!

My Beachside Lunch!

The Cakes, Cakes, Cakes shoot that I was so privileged to have made cakes for!

My Afternoon Picnic Shoot!

and the whole reason why it all came about!

You should seriously get a copy - such a beautiful read with a cup of tea or coffee!

A Thank You Luncheon

Recently, I invited my gorgeous vendors from the Oh Sweet Mum Beach Lunch over to my house for a little luncheon to say thank you!!  

In my house, with say thank you with food and a gorgeous table setting!

My little table set in the back yard ready for my lunch guests.

I kept the colour palette clean and stuck to white and green. Place settings to match this colour scheme were simple. Unforced arrangements of flowers graced the table and I decided to use the little cakes (their take away gifts) as centrepieces on the table. They were held up high on my IKEA glass candle sticks.

The lunch menu was:
Slow cooked shoulder of lamb with red wine and truss tomatoes
Individual gruyere potato gratins
Simple green salad

Dessert was a layered chocolate meringue cake.

Such a gorgeous afternoon sitting in the garden, eating great food and chatting with some lovely and very talented ladies.

Photos are courtesy of: Tindale Images

Little take away cakes as thank you gifts as well as table centrepieces,   The cakes are carrot & walnut cakes with cream cheese icing and topped with fresh flowers.

Dessert - Chocolate meringue cake!

A gorgeous day with wonderful and talented ladies!

Oh Sweet Mum - A Virtual Mothers Day E-vent

This post has been such a long time coming!   However, blogger and my old computer were not getting along very well, but now that I am "iMac-ed" up - I am ready to roll and blog again!

It really does feel like more than a few weeks ago that the Oh Sweet Mum E-vent became live and I was completely FLOORED by the enthusiasm for the e-vent as well as the love shown to all the hosts and contributors.

Everyone involved in the production of every e-vent for Oh Sweet Mum is a complete inspiration to me.   The true thrill came from putting together something that had been in my heart and mind for so long and to be able to fulfil this dream surrounded and collaborated with the sweet professionals that inspire so much was the cherry on top of the pie!

For those of you who missed the e-vent - well ..... you really missed a show!   The day went off without a hitch and the response was outstanding.   All the work was done for months beforehand and all this tireless work by so many people, helped the day go so perfectly.

If you missed any of the events, you can see them in my Facebook photo albums.    I have also put links directly to the particular album under each e-vent below.

Here is a brief snapshot of each e-vent.   Please click on the link and have a look at the photos - they are beyond stunning!

The cover shot of the magazine!   Photography by Tindale Images.

Breakfast Bar hosted by Styled by Belle
See Facebook album here.
Market Days hosted by Leo & Bella
See Facebook album here.
Shop with Mum hosted by Little Big Company
See Facebook album here.
Pies, Slices & Tarts hosted by Bubble & Sweet
See Facebook album here.
Beachside Lunch hosted by Blissfully Sweet
See Facebook album here.
Cakes, Cakes, Cakes hosted by Sweet Style
See Facebook album here.
Travel the World hosted by My Little Jedi
See Facebook album here.
International Icons hosted by Bella Cupcakes.
See Facebook page here.
International Icons hosted by Cotton & Crumbs.
See Facebook page here.
International Icons hosted by Arty McGoo.
See Facebook page here.
International Icons hosted by Principal Planner.
See Facebook page here.
Afternoon Picnic hosted by Blissfully Sweet
See Facebook album here.
An Evening Sweets Affair hosted by Boutique Affairs
See Facebook album here.
Hot Chocolate & S'mores Bar hosted by Just Call Me Martha
See Facebook album here.
Midnight Snack hosted by Styled by Belle.
See Facebook album here.
After all these beautiful and magnificent photo shoots, it was only befitting that the e-vents should comprise a magazine where everyone can ogle at want.   This magazine was beautifully design and published by Nicole at Pretty & Print.   Her beautifully designed magazine was a delight to see and was so immaculately put together.

It is with a lot of pride also, that due to popular demand, the online Oh Sweet Mum magazine is also available to purchase in printed version via   This is a dream come true for me and the quality of the printed publication is gorgeous!

The sale of the magazine is strictly not-for-profit.   All monies raised go directly to for processing and $5 of the purchase price of every copy is being donated to the Jane McGrath Foundation.   If you order your copy before 31 May 2012, you are eligible for 30% off the purchase price.   Just enter the code DERBY at checkout when you purchase.

You can see both the online version and the link to for the purchase of the magazine.

Again, I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved in this awesome e-vent.   I am smiling with so m ugh pride as to what was achieved and my Mum is smiling all the way down from above and would be quite chuffed at all the attention!

Please read and ogle at want .... and if you can, please purchase a copy of the magazine!   Such a worthy cause!

The Printed Version Available for Purchase via

The Online Version Available for Viewing via Issuu

"Oh Sweet Mum" ... More Sweet Sneak Peak Information

Firstly, a huge big thank you for everyone who has joined in on the Oh Sweet Mum bandwagon and have RSVPed and are ready and awaiting the big reveal!  

It has been such a whirlwind for all involved since the time that I released the event.   For the last 6 weeks, many talented women (and maybe even a few men) have been busy working away, designing, creating, styling, baking, decorating, photographing, crafting ..... ready for photoshoots that have been taking place all over Australia, as well as overseas!

As it is almost one month away from the big day, Friday 27th April 2012, I though it prudent to give you all a bit more information.

So to recap ....

Oh Sweet Mum is an "e-vent"! That is a virtual event that will exist in one place, at one time. However all the work will be done before that, so on the date of “virtuality” we will all be at our desks, laptops, iPhones etc and will have a gold ticket seat to watch the events play out.

Oh Sweet Mum will take place on Friday, 27 April 2012 and will be published online via the Blissfully Sweet Facebook page that very morning at a specified time. To be a part of this e-vent - all you need to do to RSVP is hit the "like" button.

Need to know a little bit more???
The entire Virtual Mothers Day E-vent will be made up of numerous mini E-vents hosted by different stylists and using fabulous contributors and vendors.

The mini e-vents that will be held on the day will be:

Breakfast & Yoghurt Bar
Market Days
Pies, Slices & Tarts
I Want to Travel the World
Beachside Lunch
Cakes, Candy & Drink Buffets
Afternoon Picnic
Oh So Sweet Shop
An Evening Sweets Affair
Hot Chocolate & S’Mores Bar
Midnight Snack

with a special mini e-vent by our International Icons.

It will be a day filled with inspiration!

I will not let out yet who will be hosting each event and who is contributing with them, you can have some fun guessing on that one.   However, I will let you know that the only "rules" each host had, was they had their own particular colour scheme to work with and that it needed to be in theme with the title of their e-vent.

Each artisan has their own style and flair and I wanted them to design and create what they wanted, so we could see what wonders they could master.

I will also let you know, that I have heard stories about what has already been done and I am falling off my chair with excitement!   These ladies have left no stone unturned and nothing was off limits!

So.... on the day of virtuality .... each mini e-vent will be hosted online on the Blissfully Sweet Facebook page.   The e-vents will be staggered out on the day so that you will have your dose of gorgeousness every few hours.   Closer to the day, I will let you all know what time every e-vent will be shown.   Click like here to make sure you do not miss out.  

At the end of the day, the whole e-vent will be available on my blog here.   More details on that soon also.

So now you know more!   We have been itching to tell more and cannot wait to show more soon.

In the meantime, hold onto your seats, because it is going to be an Oh so sweet ride into Mother's Day!

You are Invited to .....

"Oh Sweet Mum"
A Virtual Mothers Day E-vent being hosted by me, Jacki @ Blissfully Sweet

Invitation, logo & all printables by Style Me Gorgeous

I am literally pinching myself with this line up!   The best that Australia and the world has to offer!

The first questions you may ask is why?

I lost my mother to breast cancer 10 years ago this year and I know that I am not the only one to grieve such a loss. All mothers know how special we are and how much we are influenced by our own precious mums in our lives.

My mum was young when she passed away (54), and yet she had such a passion for life that it felt like she had lived for 100 years. However, she never got to see any of her grandchildren, she never got to see the world in which she yearned to travel and she never got to see the business unfold in which she gave the initial inspiration.

My mum inspired me to love everything you see, appreciate the world in every little detail and to bake cakes for the people most important in your life.

So .... 10 years on, I would like to showcase for Mother’s Day and to honour my own mum, Suzanne Maree Wadey, as well as all mothers everywhere, how “sweet” we can be.

The next question you may ask is What is Oh Sweet Mum?

Oh Sweet Mum is what I would like to term an "e-vent"!  That is a virtual event that will exist in one place, at one time. However all the work will be done before that, so on the date of “virtuality” we will all be at our desks, laptops, iPhones etc and will have a gold ticket seat to watch the events play out.

Oh Sweet Mum will take place on Friday, 27 April 2012 and will be published online via the Blissfully Sweet Facebook page that very morning at a specified time.    To be a part of this e-vent - all you need to do to RSVP is hit the "like" button.
We have a fabulous and stellar list of contributors to Oh Sweet Mum, but I will not let you know exactly what they will be doing just yet!   More information will be released soon!   However, I will say that it will BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF!   The whole day will be filled with inspiration and ideas from our major style and sweet artisans in a way that you have never seen before!

Who are our fabulous Contributors??

OMG the line up is HUGE!!!   I cannot thank these wonderful ladies enough!   However, I would like to say an extra special thank you to Sarah at Style Me Gorgeous for her beautiful logo design, invitation and all printables.   Sarah's work is always so stunning, but her beautiful work on Oh Sweet Mum blew me away!

I will go through their names individually now with a direct link to their Facebook page:

Ah-Tissue (tissue paper decorations)
Bellezza Interiors (gorgeous online homewares & furniture)
Blissfully Sweet (cake artist) (HOST)
Bouquets of Ascha Jolie (floral artist)
Boutique Affairs (event stylist)
Bubble & Sweet (food blogger)
Cakes by Sharon (cake artist)
It's a Cake Thing (macaron goddess & cake artist)
Just Call Me Martha (cake artist and crafting extraordinaire)
Kiss My Cakes (cake artist)
Lee Bird Photography (photographer)
Leo & Bella (event stylist)
Shoppe with Lily (prop/party shop & event stylist)
Little Big Company (prop/party shop & event stylist)
Little Sooti Blog (event stylist)
Mon Tresor (partywares & event stylist)
My Little Jedi (editor of MLJ online magazine & event stylist)
Style Me Gorgeous (graphic designer of Oh Sweet Mum)
Sweet Bloom Cakes (cake artist)
Sweet Style (event stylist & online party shop)
The Vintage Kitchen (vintage kitchenwares)

International Icons are:

Arty McGoo (cookie artist)
Bella Cupcakes (cupcake artist)
Cotton & Crumbs (cake artist)
JP Creatibles (cookie artist)

If you are not star struck you should be!!   I am!

We look forward to creating some very sweet inspiration for Mothers Day on 27 April 2012.   More information will be released soon.   If you want to RSVP so you can see it all unfold and get more information, hit the "like" button at Blissfully Sweet now!   Make sure you also "like" all of our contributors also!!

Have a sweet day!


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